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EETLS blueprint

EETLS stands for European Ecotourism Labelling Standard and is one of the main products of ECODESTINET.

The EETLS publication consists of an executive summary which introduces the reader to the concept of the project and the development aim of the EETLS. Its also explains the structure of the EETLS and the target group of the standard. The publication is then divided in 5 parts based on the EETLS Criteria categories (A Group, EETLS Group, B Group, C Group, D Group) and a references and acknowledgments section. In total 40 different criteria are included in the EETLS. Each Group of Criteria includes an introduction to the specific Group. Each criterion is presented with a Criterion Description, the Rational of the Criterion, a set of of sub-criteria and a table with recommendations on how an operator can comply with the criterion, which includes a set of indicators and recommendations. Finally many of the criteria are further elaborated with a case study from Europe or international.

The Blueprint was published in 2009 and is available for download here  in English. Translated versions are available in DE, FI, GR, IT, RO, BG

A print version of the EETLS in English is also available. If you wish to receive a copy please send us an email

For more information on the EETLS and the development process feel free to contact us