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Networking Events

The scheduled networking events of the project are the national and international workshops and an international conference. Apart from these the ECODESTINET partnership has started a networking campaign promoting the project and the EETLS worldwide.  The Eco-Destinet partnership is in close cooperation with the Global Sustainable Tourism Crtiteria Partnership and the International Ecotourism Society. 

The project has be presented in several events, some of which are:

  • International Conference on Mediterranean Ecotourism: sustainable tourism strategies to support local development, 05th - 07th June 2008, Santuario di Gibilmanna, Cefalu, Sicily (IT)
  • Eco-Destinet Transnational Workshop, 19th November 2009, Seinajoki, Finland
  • Eco-Destinet Transnational Workshop, 26th - 27th February 2009, Munich, Germany during the ReisePavillon exhibition
  • International Conference on "Ecotourism in Europe: the challenge of quality certification", 16th October 2009, Athens, Greece
  • National Romanian Workshop, 9th May 2009, Brasov, Romania
  • National Bulgarian Workshop, 3rd July 2009, Sofia, Bulgaria