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The Prefecture of Thesprotia lies at the northwestern part of Greece and is among the poorest regions in Europe. However, it is a fast developing area, following major infrastructure improvements connecting it with the rest of Greece and South Europe and it is a quite popular tourist destination during the summer season.

Lappland, Sweden. Click to view full size picture.
Kalamas river in Greece

The area is rich in natural and cultural heritage sites, including a beautiful coastline, mountain ranges, rivers and protected wetlands of great ecological value in the mouths of Kalamas and Acheron rivers (Natura 2000), traditional settlements and sites of archaeological interest with monuments from the Classical, Byzantine and Venetian periods.

There are several tourist entrepreneurs operating near the Acheron river and along the coast involved in ecotourism activities, such as horse-riding, mild forms of rafting, trekking, kayaking, sailing, diving, hand-gliding, fishing and hunting.

They are eager to further develop ecotourism in their area and to receive training to apply for ecotourism labelling.