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Szigetkoz in the Gyor-Moson-Sopron , Hungary, is an island between two rivers. Water resources abound in the pilot area including rivers, lakes and thermal spa. The area is easily accessible through motorways, with good links to the capital cities of three countries. 21% of the Szigetkoz area is protected and most of the other land is used for agriculture.

Lappland, Sweden. Click to view full size picture.
Szigetkoz in the Gyor-Moson-Sopron county, Hungary.

It is a popular tourist destination and the rivers and surrounding forests, with their valuable flora and fauna, are the main attraction for tourists and make the region suitable for ecotourism. There are a lot of entrepreneurs and civil organisations involved in tourism, which plays an important role in the local economy, but overall tourism in not so well organised.

The main ecotourism activities offered are cycling, canoeing, horse-riding, angling, camping and thermal spa. The river is suitable for canoeing, including 180 miles of appropriate width in most places but few access docks. There is also a horseshoe label in place in order to improve quality of Equestrian tourism. The area attracts family and school tourism but only during a short season.

The other regional ECO-ROUTE Partners are very keen to develop ecotourism activities and receive training to apply for ecotourism labelling.