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Skogslandet , Sweden, is a large and very sparsely populated area of contrasts on the Arctic circle in the county of Norrbotten, featuring very rich, protected natural resources.

Lappland, Sweden. Click to view full size picture.
Peaceful scenery in Lappland, Sweden

The climate varies enormously between seasons in a setting where adventure meets tranquillity; there are high snow-capped mountains, wild dense forests, mirror-smooth lakes, the UNESCO world heritage site of Laponia with a 8000 years of history. Modern technology and development get along side by side with Swedish, Finnish and Saami cultures.

Several ecotourism activities are offered in the area, such as views of the northern light, fishing and swimming in the summer in the Lulea archipelago, picking berries, sauna; ice climbing on frozen waterfalls, hiking, mountain biking, kayaking, log rafting, skiing, dog sledging, wildlife watching, scuba-diving, adventure sailing and participation in Sami reindeer herders' life.

There are five entrepreneurs labelled with the Nature's Best in the pilot area and others who are keen to receive training to apply for ecotourism labelling.