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A review of ecotourism activities and tourism labelling systems was conducted in each pilot area. The European experience beyond the participating countries was added to create a comprehensive database of criteria used for ecotourism quality labelling (handbook).
A survey of entrepreneurs offering ecotourism activities in the pilot areas was carried out to explore their experiences, attitudes and aspirations.
A «training of trainers» package for the application, monitoring and certification of the quality assurance criteria in ecotourism is being formulated.
A package for non-formal learning is put together addressed to ecotourism entrepreneurs to help them appreciate and apply the criteria for certification, thus increasing their capacity to enter a labelling system.
A "task force" is going to be set up in each pilot area to mobilise the local entrepreneurs and public authorities to implement the proposed ecotourism certification system offering assistance and advice.
A Good Practice Guide to ecotourism labelling is going to be produced, presenting how the criteria for an ecotourism certification system can be applied in different environments across Europe.
Project activities and results are widely disseminated through the project website, four regional workshops in the pilot areas and an international workshop in Sweden, promoting networks among interested organisations across Europe.