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The National Survey Reports aimed to provide the project team with a realistic record of the resources, activities and businesses involved in the development of ecotourism in each project area. To this purpose, a survey of the ecotourism activities that are in demand and of the businesses/professionals involved in their delivery was carried out, including tour operators and local service providers in the project regions.

A questionnaire has been prepared by PRISMA (Project Coordinator) and piloted in the Greek project area, the Prefecture of Thesprotia. The questionnaire was successful in collecting information on demand and supply of ecotourism activities in the pilot region and in identifying the needs for improving service quality, as well as the environmental criteria for promoting sustainable rural development. The questionnaire was translated in the national languages of the participating countries and was used for personal interviews; it was also widely disseminated through faxes and e-mails. Between 40 and 100 questionnaires were collected in each country, most through face-to-face interviews, and the analysis of the results has been presented in the four National Survey Reports produced in English. A SWOT analysis, was included in the reports, regarding ecotourism development and certification.

The reports also included a record of the natural and cultural resources of the pilot regions, as well as the ecotourism activities organised in the project areas and the businesses/professionals involved in ecotourism.

Read the reports (PDF format):

Draft National Survey Report in Greece (text in English, 286 KB)
Draft National Survey Report in Sweden (text in English, 248 KB)
Draft National Survey Report in Hungary (text in English, 478 KB)
Draft National Survey Report in Romania (text in English, 239 KB)

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