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The local task forces aim to put together a group of local "key" people involved in ecotourism and training, who will facilitate capacity building among the local service providers so that they can enter into a certification system; and they may also oversee the introduction and application of a labelling system, if such a system is not already in place at national level and there is a need identified for its introduction.

The individuals who will be invited to participate in the local task forces have been identified. They are specialised tour operators, professionals (i.e. certified guides) and public officials involved in ecotourism and training activities. Tour operators and tourism-related entrepreneurs, who are ECO-ROUTE project partners, will be also members of the local task forces.

The members of the task force will produce the action plan for each pilot region, which will specify the activities that can be included in the certification system and the targeted companies and/or individuals that need to receive training to that effect. The members of the task force will attend on-location seminars in the four participating regions and will be trained as trainers of the service providers.