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Two training packages for the application, monitoring and certification of the quality assurance criteria in ecotourism, are currently put together by the project partners. The first addresses the trainers (i.e. "ecotourism leaders" in each project area) and the second the service providers of ecotourism-related activities and services.

Draft training material for the training of trainers' package has been produced in the form of a Powerpoint presentation and a draft curriculum. Preparations have been made for the selection of the trainers, who have been defined as key-individuals involved in ecotourism-related activities in the pilot regions, such as specialised tour operators, professionals (i.e. certified guides for a variety of ecotourism activities) and public officials involved in ecotourism and training activities, who will be invited to participate in the local task forces. The training package was designed for delivery through on-location seminars in the four participating regions and is planned to be delivered early in 2005.

Draft training material for the service providers' training package has been also produced in the form of a Powerpoint presentation and a manual, comprising a variety of themes pertaining to ecotourism and sustainable rural development. The training sessions are planned for Spring-early Summer 2005, depending on the tourist season in each participating country.

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