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Four regional workshops have been organised in Greece, Sweden, Romania and Hungary, in order to promote exchange of experience and present ecotourism activities and ecotourism labelling practices (it there are any) by local entrepreneurs in the host area. The workshops were combined with the Steering Committee meetings of the project partners, in order to promote networking of the different ecotourism "actors" across Europe and establish feedback mechanisms between local actors in each participating country and the project partners. They have proved an innovative and valuable tool to reinforce the transnational character of the project and create a "pool" of information and knowledge on ecotourism development in various European countries, shared among partners. More specifically, the four regional workshops organised have provided ample space for exchanging views among project partners and local actors and offered the opportunity to the latter group to learn about good practice examples beyond their country.

The international conference, at the end of the project period, was held near Malmo, Sweden between 22-23 September 2005 with the title "Ecotourism Labelling for Sustainable Rural Development" , in order to promote exchange of experience and present the project results to a wide audience.

Four workshop reports are available here.
Read the reports (PDF format):

1st Regional Workshop Report, Greece, September 2003 (text in English, 660 KB)
2nd Regional Workshop Report, Sweden, April 2004 (text in English, 1.3 MB)
3rd Regional Workshop Report, Romania, September 2004 (text in English, 2 MB)
4th Regional Workshop Report, Hungary, March 2005 (text in English, 640 KB)

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